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Our Beloved Customer's Most Asked Questions!


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At the moment we only sell in the USA. We will be going international very soon!

Because we are selling food products, we do not provide options for our customers to send returns or refunds. However, if you have found an issue with our products, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist!

Food Details

The ingredients in each pouch vary by flavour! However, the main ingredient in all of our current pouches is the green chickpea. The pouches are also 100% natural and contain no preservatives.

Both states have the same nutrition value!

The sodium comes primarily and naturally from vegetables, and then we add a small pinch of sea salt!

Yes to all!

It is incredible for diabetics! The reason is because it is very low in high-glycemic ingredients and is protein and fibre packed.

None! 0%.


No! Just heat for 90 seconds with a hot pot or microwave, and you are good to go! We do recommend adding it as a side as well to rice and poultry dishes.

You can, yes! However, boiling with hot water or microwaving is preferable!

You can. But cold Vana Life foods is what cold rice is to warm rice.. same thing! Tastes better warm.