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Legumes For Life

At Vana Life Foods eating legumes is a way of life. We see food as more than just sustenance. It’s a nourishing experience that connects us to the earth and each other. That’s why we love the green chickpea—it’s a superfood powerhouse that not only feeds your body but also nourishes the land itself.

eat well, live well

Our meal in a pouches harness the nourishing power of one of the earth’s most incredible superfoods including vana's green chickpea. Our non-GMO, USA-grown chickpeas are picked fresh off the vine in their optimal state, which means they’re still green and brimming with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

But we know that being truly healthful is more than a simple nutritional breakdown. It’s also about using sustainable ingredients and earth-friendly production methods. It means enjoying whole foods that are as tasty as they are healthy. So for our Legume Bowls, we called on our favorite chefs to pair VANA’s green chickpea superfoodTM with high-quality ingredients and fresh, internationally inspired flavors like chipotle, chimichurri, and coconut and lime.

Then we packaged up all that goodness in an innovative BPA-free pouch that converts to a bowl so you can eat it anytime, anywhere. Just tear, heat, and eat. No muss, no fuss.

the vana way

Our green chickpeas are grown on small, family-run farms in the USA. These plants naturally replenish nitrogen in the soil leaving it healthier and richer. We love giving back to the earth, and investing in the farmers who nurture our crops without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides.

Our commitment to earth-friendly methods starts with a non-GMO chickpea seed and extends to the production of our recyclable BPA-free pouches. We produce everything in the USA at a facility dedicated to recycling water, energy-efficient practices, and producing the lowest possible carbon emissions

It’s all part of our simple philosophy: food should be wholesome, delicious, and sustainable.

our superfood

A green chickpea is a garbanzo bean harvested from the vine in its optimal nutritional state that is immediately blanched and flash frozen to preserve all its inherent goodness. That’s because when it’s green, the flavorful young legume is packed with protein, fiber, A, B, and C vitamins, and minerals—while being low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Basically, it’s a superfood at its best.

We source the highest-quality ingredients to bring you food that’s always nourishing and always delicious—in a convenient built-in bowl.