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Quick and Convenient: 5 Instant Meal Ideas for Busy Days

Quick and Convenient: 5 Instant Meal Ideas for Busy Days

Don’t we feel good when we eat homemade food after a long day? All we want is a good, healthy meal that's freshly prepared and easy to make. If you searched for instant vegan recipes you must have come across the wholesome Vana Life Foods’ vegan curries first.

Chipotle Black Bean Meal Pack.

Chipotle Black Bean Meal Pack  contains excellent black beans seasoned with chipotle peppers. You can simply transform this into a great vegan curry. Simply heat the packet and serve with a dish of plain steamed rice or chapati. The smoky, spicy flavor of the chipotle black beans creates a full and fulfilling supper.

Coconut Lime Pack

The Coconut Lime Pack mixes creamy coconut with a dash of lime for a pleasant and tasty entrée. To make a quick vegan curry, simply heat the package and serve with steamed rice or chapati. The tropical tastes of coconut and lime make this a light and delightful supper suitable for any occasion.

Kale Potato Pack

Kale Potato Pack contains healthful kale and potatoes in a flavorful sauce. It's simple to make: just heat the pack and serve with rice or chapati. The earthy flavor of kale mixed with the heartiness of potatoes creates a cozy and nutritious vegan curry.

Let's now discover the wonder of mind-blowing full-plate healthy fast meals, all of which are vegan!

Easy Meal Ideas with Vana Life Food

Chipotle Black Bean Curry with Mediterranean-Style Wrap

  • Heat the Chipotle Black Bean Meal Pack.
  • Chop some onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
  • Wrap these goodies inside wholesome millet or wheat chapatis.
  • Enjoy a smoky, spicy vegan curry that’s ready in minutes.


Coconut Lime Curry with Steamed Rice (Just South Indian Style!)

  • Heat the Coconut Lime Pack
  • Serve with a bowl of steamed rice.
  • Savor the creamy, zesty flavors of this easy vegan curry.

Kale Potato Curry

  • Heat the Kale Potato Pack.
  • Serve with simple steamed rice or chapati.
  • Relish the combination of tender potatoes and nutritious kale in this quick, healthy meal.

Chipotle Black Bean Salad Bowl

  • Heat the Chipotle Black Bean Meal Pack.
  • Combine hot beans with fresh lettuce, diced bell peppers, corn, and avocado.
  • Serve with a simple lime vinaigrette (lime juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper).
  • Enjoy a delicious and filling salad bowl.

Coconut Lime Curry Soup

  • Heat the Coconut Lime Pack.
  • Place the items in a pot with veggie broth and some fresh spinach.
  • Allow it to simmer for a few minutes, until the spinach has softened.
  • Serve hot with crusty bread for a delicious and warming soup.

Vana Life Food makes it simple to enjoy wholesome, vegan meals with minimal effort. Each pack is designed to provide a balanced and flavorful dish, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Just heat, serve, and enjoy a nutritious meal in 90 seconds!


Hopefully, these recipes add a little convenience and taste to your life. While we all have a first hand experience of how busy life can be, savoring a satisfying dinner shouldn't add to the stress. You can quickly create something delicious with these easy-peasy vegan meals. Never forget that a healthy diet nourishes both your body and soul, particularly after a long day.

Try these recipes to discover how simple and fulfilling cooking at home can be. You'll feel good about what you're eating and save some bucks too (Let’s be honest! you have always wanted that!). Savor your food and pause to thank the abundance of food on your plate. Cheers to cooking!